Clarksdale Mississippi Attractions

For 30 years and counting, the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi has been rolling and rocking. Every night from Wednesday to Saturday, there's a night at the Morgan Freeman Club, which is known for the Tennessee-born actor. Shacks - Up Inn is located in Clarkdale and is home to one of the best blues and gospel music venues in Mississippi State and the nation.

Natchez is really a place to orient yourself while exploring, and it is really good to enjoy an elevated view of the Mississippi. You can reach Memphis, Tennessee by traveling south on US 61 from Clarksdale, Mississippi and then north on I-55. If you take the U-S-61 south from Memphis, you can reach Mississippi's little-known gambling mecca, Little Rock, Arkansas.

This part of the nation is particularly musical in its musical heritage, and the attractions in Memphis, Tennessee north of Jackson undoubtedly reflect that heritage.

The widespread Mississippi Blues Trail has a marker in Dockery, the birthplace of the blues, and there are many other blues trail markings in nearby Bolivar and Sunflower counties. A hefty dose of blues echoes through the small town of Clarksdale, Mississippi, about 30 miles north of Jackson.

The Clarksdale Blues Trail, one of the most popular blues trails in the country, leads through the city, from Dockery, Mississippi, to the Mississippi River and back again.

The Mississippi Blues Trail is located at the spot where Bessie Smith died after a car crash on Highway 61. Also on the site is a 1976 Lincoln that was donated to the museum by the late Blues. Legend Elvis Presley and his wife. A plaque commemorates the site of Muddy Waters "famous cabin, now located on the Mississippi in Dockery, Mississippi, south of Clarksdale.

Beale Street is a particularly charming part of Memphis and is lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. Here you will find the Police Museum and the Rock and Soul Museum, and there is a reasonable range of attractions here. Attractions include a pre-war museum and an entertaining Spring Festival.

Visit the Lower Mississippi River Museum to learn more about the fourth longest river in the world and see exhibits by key artists from the region. Visit the Delta Blues Museum to learn a little more about the blues on the Mississippi River and visit the historic Walnut Hills Restaurant. During the summer months, you can visit the Delta Blues Museum in Tupelo and learn more about the music genre. To learn about the blues history of the city and see some exhibits about important artists from the area, visit them in the summer.

If you are a fan of Southern dishes Like me, try the grill hits at the historic Walnut Hills restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi, or the Old Hickory Barbecue in Tupelo.

If you have children, you can stop by Old Hickory Barbecue in Tupelo for a quick lunch or dinner. After Clarksdale we drove to Jackson to give visitors a great time and a taste of the local culture.

The GRAMMY Museum on the campus of Delta State University in Cleveland is definitely worth a visit. The Mississippi Grammar Museum is one of the most popular music museums in the United States and is located less than an hour away in Indianola, Mississippi. Every family visiting this vibrant city should look out for the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame and the Jackson Museum, a great place to stop by for a few hours.

The exhibition at the GRAMMY Museum of Mississippi explores the history of blues and its influence on music around the world. Visit the Beale Street Music Hall, see where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and explore the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame and Jackson Museum, both of which have opened since its opening. In Indianola, the city where the late musician grew up, he discussed his life, career and music.

Not far from Greenville and Leland is the Highway 61 Blues Museum, which is filled with photos, art, instruments and artifacts documenting the blues. The Mississippi Freedom Trail marks an important area of the time, and what can be done to preserve the past and educate visitors about Mississippi's involvement in the civil rights movement? The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale teaches about the blues history of the city and exhibits important artists from the region. Head down to the Mississippi Riverfront Museum to see an exhibition about the history of Mississippi blues and its influence around the world.

Experience the infamous Moon Lake Casino immortalized in several Tennessee Williams plays, or book a day trip to Memphis in the Mississippi Delta if you don't want to rent a car. Although there are plenty of accommodations in Memphis, Talbot Erben Guesthouse is the right destination - because being close to the action and centrally located to many attractions is critical.

More About Clarksdale

More About Clarksdale