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Today, the Delta Blues Museum opens in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the world's first museum dedicated to preserving the history of blues music in the United States and the Mississippi Delta region. Based in Clintonsville, Miss., it is committed to inspiring, educating and preserving the community and preserving our blues past through education, research, education and education about the blues and its history.

Tells the story of blues music in the United States and the Mississippi Delta from its origins to its present.

As part of its permanent collection, the museum displays photos, videos and memorabilia that tell the story of blues music in the United States and the Mississippi Delta from its origins to the present day. Besides blues related memorabilia, art representing the blues tradition, including photographs, paintings, sculptures, prints, posters, books and other artifacts, this museum also collects and exhibits art and artifacts by blues artists, musicians and musicians. The Delta Blues Museum offers visitors the chance to learn more about the history and history of Mississippi Blues music and its history. If you follow the Mississippi Blues Trail, you can find more information about the Museum of Blues in Clarksdale, Mississippi, on the trail or here.

Check out the Music Festivals page and Events page to see who plays at the museum in Clarksdale, MS. Visit the Delta Blues Museum now or visit them on Facebook and visit their website for more information about their events and activities.

Visit the Icons Gallery for a changing exhibition of art of different styles and genres. Stroll through the Mississippi Native and Mississippi Native art galleries at the Clarksdale Mississippi Museum. There are some fun and inspiring things to see as well as some of the most interesting exhibits in the museum's collection.

This is the old WROX radio station in Clarksdale, known for its old - contemporary music and radio show on the radio.

After driving along Highway 61, this small museum next to the visitor center awaits visitors as a huge surprise. The Mississippi History Museum is connected by a corridor in the Civil Rights Museum and houses nine galleries that explore 15,000 years of the state's history. The museum and others use photos, artifacts, videos and other exhibits to explore the roots of blues, starting with the slave who brought African musical traditions to the South. Anchor everything is the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame, which confronts visitors with Mississippi's legends.

The nascent exhibition series, which later became the core of the Delta Blues Museum, began in late 1979. The museum gained national and international recognition, further enhancing its reputation as one of Mississippi's most important cultural institutions. After the discovery of the fledgling museum, it became a national topic of interest, and the Mississippi Delta Strategic Compact awarded it the Delta's Best award for outstanding contributions to Delta tourism. It also received a Mississippi Blues Trail Marker (more here) and has since been awarded the Delta Best for its outstanding contributions to the tourism delta.

The museum also has its own history, and the museum's blues trail marker was unveiled as part of the annual celebration of the Mississippi Delta as the nation's blues heritage. The Delta Blues Museum has been honored to become the first museum in the United States to feature a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art museum building.

Two Mississippi museums are places where Mississippi residents tell their own story of our state's rich and complex history. By identifying historic sites across Mississippi with specially marked signposts, the Mississippi Freedom Blues Trails have joined forces to create the state's largest museum. The Two Mississippi Museum is a place where Mississippi history, culture and heritage collide in a celebration of the place and the people of Mississippi.

The Delta Blues Museum was founded in 1979 and is the oldest music museum in Mississippi, located at the intersection of the Mississippi River, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi. Fittingly, it is also the only museum of its kind in the United States dedicated to this art form. With a mission to engage Mississippi residents in the visual arts, this Mississippi Museum of Art provides a great space to immerse yourself in the arts.

Mississippi, and especially the Mississippi Delta, has a lasting legacy as the birthplace of blues, blues music and blues culture. This award is appreciated by those who know the first music museum in Mississippi and we appreciate it because we are honored to be part of this select group of museums. The Mississippi Museum of Art and Delta Blues Museum appreciate this award as they honor the legacy of the Mississippi Blues and its history.

For more information, visit the Delta Blues Museum, which has the honor of being part of this selected group of museums, or download the brochure. The Delta Blues Museum includes exhibits, collections and driving directions, as well as the Mississippi Museum of Art exhibits and collections.

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