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MS Rent - A - Center makes it easy to give your home a new look, and they have what you need when you shop at their own Ashley Furniture in Clarksdale.

A coordinated bedroom set at Ashley Furniture can transform the look of your bedroom, enlarging clothes, accessories and storage space and transforming it into a coordinated, effortless look that can work for both guests and family members. Check out the complete selection of bedroom furniture at MS Rent - A - Center in Clarksdale and set it up whenever it's most convenient, then have it all sent home.

If you cannot list your data in the above field with the reproduction number, you can purchase a high quality copy at any of our sales locations.

Dominoes on - the - go sandwich shop in Clarksdale makes delicious hot sandwiches for on the go. If you're on the road, you can have your Buffalo Chicken Sandwich or vegetarian melt delivered to your local Domino's Hotspot. Domino's sandwich menu gives you the opportunity to buy the best Clarkdale sandwiches. We have found that we have moved from selling in our physical store to setting up a website and can ship products within one to two days.

Whether you're hosting a party at home or just trying to get one of our many oven-baked sandwiches before you leave the couch, delivery is covered. Best of all, if you're halfway through town and leave your seat in our on-the-go sandwich shop in Clarksdale, you can forget about dinner and get to your sandwich without even leaving the couch.

Jewelry is often cheap, but so expensive that if you bought the same piece in a branded store, the price would most likely be more than twice as high, and that's before you can go. Items in our store are available at the best prices, saving you a bundle just one day on the road. There is no better way to get the worst price for your goods and get a good deal than to shop at Clarksdale Shopping Center. Prices are as good as possible and are often, with a few exceptions, reasonably priced.

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For this reason, Rent-A-Center is committed to providing you with the best possible experience when you purchase new Ashley furniture in Clarksdale. Find your Ashley bedroom in Clarkdale at the nearest Rent / A Centre and get ready for your bedroom. Discover Clarksville, Mississippi at the Rent / A Center, we have a wide selection of Ashley furniture, furniture and accessories ready for purchase at our Rent A / Center.

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So say goodbye to the deli counter and embrace the goodness that the hot sub-menu offers, but Clarksdale isn't the only one on the chopping board. Espy said Kroger is in a restructuring phase and it is unfortunate that they will go. A Mississippi Today reporter asked a Krogers representative for further comment but received no response.

If you look at the rental - to - of your Ashley Furniture in Clarksdale, you will find professionally designed pieces with durable, refinished wood, high quality materials and high quality furniture. Enhance your living style and function with the Ashley furniture and dining table in the Rent - A - Center.

This includes items you won't find anywhere else, such as jewelry, clothing, shoes and accessories. All jewelry is checked to ensure it was not purchased illegally and the store will terminate the process for you.

In the 1960s, Aaron Henry, a local pharmacist, organized and became president of the NAACP. The Clarksdale Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in the state with limited rights, and its citizens are subject to the same laws and regulations as any other city in Mississippi.

During World War I, plantation owners even encouraged blacks to move to the delta region from other parts of the Mississippi to work. In the 1920s, the price of cotton fell, and many blacks living in the delta began to leave the country. Many African-American GIs or soldiers returned from World War II to find little employment outside the Delta region.

Many black families moved to the area to work as sharecroppers, and thousands of enslaved African Americans were bought and brought up to bring their families and work on several sprawling cotton plantations that had developed in the county. Before 1920, the plantations in the Delta needed workers all the time, so many blacks from other parts of the country, such as Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, worked as craftsmen on the plantations. African-American slaves cultivated and processed cotton, cultivated products and livestock on plantations, processed cotton and worked on artworks or processed products or livestock for the plantation.

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